Research Topics

Microbial life and biogeochemistry at interfaces.

 Microenvironmental controls of cell behavior, interaction and activity in microbial communities, symbioses and aquatic plants.

Imaging and microsensor techniques for mapping physical and chemical microenvironments and for quantifying transport processes and metabolic activity at high spatio-temporal resolution.

3D bioprinting of cell landscapes and model systems with defined biocomplexity and in vivo-like traits

New DFF-FTP Project

Sapere-Aude Project

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Microsensors in Environmental Science
PhD course, May 30 - June 7, 2018


Advanced Biofilm Course
October 9-14, 2017

Verena Schramayer is awarded a
EU Marie Curie
Postdoc Fellowship


Kasper Brodersen is awarded a
Carlsberg Foundation
Postdoc Fellowship

New paper on
Chl f in beachrock

PhD course 10-15/10 2016
Advanced Biofilm Course

New paper on
Scattering in Coral Tissue

New paper on
Spray-coating corals with
O2 sensor nano particles

New paper on
Scattering and Heating by
Coral Host Pigments

New paper on
Microphytobenthos Migration

New paper on
FIber-Optic H2O2 sensor

New paper on
In situ H2 Dynamics in a
Hot Spring Microbial Mat

Microsensor Course 2016

New paper on
Photoregulation in Kleptochloroplastidic Dinophysis acuta

New paper on
The in situ Microenvironment
of Ikaite Tufa Columns

Daniel Wangpraseurts PhD thesis
made it onto the Chancellors list
of the 6 best theses at UTS in 2015/16

New paper on
Combined Imaging of O2 and pH
Featured as ACS Editors Choice

New paper on
Nanoparticle Measurements of pH and O2
in the Seagrass Rhizosphere

Daniel Wangpraseurts presentation
at the OCEAN SCIENCES 2016 meeting featured in SCIENCE

New paper on
Scalar Irradiance Microsensors

New paper on
Flow and Coral Calcification

New paper on
Benthic Diatom Microenvironments

New paper on
Photoprotection in Centric Diatoms

New paper on
Coral Photoacclimation

New paper on
Coral Tissue Carbon Fixation Gradients

Special issue on
Systems Biology and Ecology of
Microbial Mat Communities

New paper on
Hyperbaric Effects on Pathogenic Bacteria

Maria Mosshammer
joins the group as a PhD student

Niclas Lyndby & Jacob Holm
join the group as MSc students


Daniel Wangpraseurt is awarded a
Carlsberg Foundation
Distinguished Postdoc Fellowship

Lars F. Rickelt awarded a PhD for his thesis
Development and application of fiber-optic sensors in environmental and life sciences

New paper on
Etching of Optical Fibers

New paper on
Chlorophyll f in Cyanobacteria

New paper on
Nanoparticle-based O2 imaging
in the seagrass rhizosphere


Lars Berendt is awarded the
Science PhD Award 2014

Paulos Cartaxana and Sonia Cruz
join the group as postdocs

Nadia Nord & Paull Cifuentes
join the group as MSc students

Daniel Wangpraseurt receives a Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority's Science for Management Award (AUS$ 1000) for coral bleaching work

Johannes Goessling
joins the group as PhD student

Cover story in
Journal of Experimental Biology
UTS Press release

New paper on coral light trapping
featured on Live Science

Erik Trampe, Lars Behrendt & Michael Kühl
at the Eliteforsk 2014 conference

New paper on coral energy budgets
Danish / English

Ditte Bjerregaard and Karolina Reducha
join the group as MSc students

Postdoc position

Erik Trampe is awarded a prestigeous
Eliteforsk travel grant
Danish presentation of Erik and his project

Daniel Wangpraseurt wins the 2014 Danielle Simmons Prize (AUS$ 2500) awarded by the Australian Coral Reef Society

Technician Sofie Lindegaard Jakobsen
joins the group

Start of new Sapere-Aude project


Lars Behrendt is awarded a prestigeous
Sapere-Aude postdoctoral talent grant
Danish presentation of Lars and his project

Postdoc Klaus Koren joins the group

Daniel Wangpraseurt wins a prize for
best student presentation at the Australasian Society for Phycology and Aquatic Botany Annual Conference, Sydney, Nov 27-29, 2013

Kasper Brodersen obtains funding (15000 DKr) from Reinholdt W. Jorck og Hustrus Fond

Lars Behrendt receives award (15000 DKr) for the best PhD thesis at the Department of Biology 2012/2013

Daniel Wangpraseurt wins 2nd prize (1000 AUS$) in the 3MT thesis competition at UTS
See video

PhD student Mads Lichtenberg joins the group

News about the grant at UTS

Michael Kühl receives a
Sapere-Aude Advanced grant
Danish / English




N2 fixation and metabolic switching in thermophilic cyanobacteria

Livet i verdens mindste og ældste økosystemer
(Danish popular article)

Chlorophyll d : The puzzle resolved

Bacteria affect landscape morphology
(Danish press release)

A new niche for oxygenic photosynthesis
Danish press release)

Do "species" matter in
microbial communities ?

International Census of
Marine Microbes

Link to Aquatic Microbiology and Biogeochemistry course 2006

Link to Microsensor Course 2012