Microsensor Analysis in the Environmental Sciences
Marine Biological Station Rønbjerg, Denmark
May 31 - june 9, 2016


You can reach Rønbjerg by the bus 950X from the central bus station in Ålborg (platform 14). The bus stops at the field station. Information about the time schedule of bus 950X is available here . You may also try to check other connections via the travel planner facility of the Danish Railways.

Maps and driving directions.


  • The course starts on Tuesday May 31.
    Teachers will be on site from ca. 14.00
    Try to arrive not later than 17.00.

  • Accommodation is at the marine station in rooms with 2-4 beds. Bed linen is available but bring a towel. The address is:

    Marinbiologisk Station, Livøvej 141,
    Rønbjerg, DK-9681 Ranum
    Phone/fax: +45 98 67 65 10
    Pay-phone number: +45 98 67 71 02

  • All participants take part in the cooking and shopping. Kitchen teams will be defined.

  • The course ends on Thursday June 9 at noon.


    • Lectures take place in a conference room at the nearby Rønbjerg Holiday Center. The center has an indoor pool and other sports facilities, so remember to bring your bathing suit and towel. There is also a small shop and possibilities for cash withdrawel at the center.

    • There are 3 computers and several printers at the station available for the participants. But if possible, bring a portable computer. This will facilitate faster data analysis and preparation of presentations.

    • A projector for computer-based presentations will be available.
      All participants are expected to give a brief
      10-15 min presentation of their research during the course

    • The station lies almost directly at the beach and there are good opportunities for nice walks/runs in the surroundings. The weather in Rønbjerg in June is unpredictable and can range from cold, wet and windy to warm and sunny. Previous courses had mostly sunny weather for a week (and some people even went swimming in the Limfjord), but be sure to bring clothing for both the worst and best case scenario. Rubber boots are obligatory.

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