Microsensor Analysis in the Environmental Sciences
Marine Biological Station Rønbjerg, Denmark
April 23 - May 1, 2004
OBJECTIVE: The course will introduce the participants to state of art microsensor technology and to the application of electrochemical and optical microsensor techniques in the environmental sciences. The participants will get a broad overview of techniques and applications during 2-3 days of intensive lecturing by the organizers, guest teachers and invited lecturers, followed up by practical laboratory exercises and demonstrations of microsensor construction, test and calibration. The participants conduct an experimental project over 4-5 days under expert supervision. Typical projects could e.g. comprise microsensor analysis of photosynthesis in biofilms, studies of aerobic/anaerobic respiration processes in sediments, or a characterization of the microenvironment in a variety of microbial communities. Participants are welcome to propose projects in advance of the course. The course is evaluated via participant presentations and discussion of project results on the last day of the course, and via a written report in the format of a manuscript for a scientific publication. The participants will also be asked to present their own research via short presentations during the course.


COSTS: 3500 Danish Kr., covering accomodation and all meals during the course. Participants are in charge of their transportation to/from the course.


18 PhD students and/or young scientists from the environmental sciences. Applications should be send to the organizers and should contain a brief CV and a short description of research interests and motivation for applying for the course. In case of >18 applicants, the organizers will select the course participants.

DEADLINES: Course applications should be forwarded to the organizers before March 15. All applicants will be informed about their course participation around April 1. Teaching material will be forwarded to the participants 2-3 weeks before the course.


Michael Kühl, Marine Biological Laboratory,
Institute of Biology, University of Copenhagen,
Strandpromenaden 5, DK-3000 Helsingør.
Phone: +45 49213344. Fax: +45 49261165.
E-mail: mkuhl@bi.ku.dk

Niels Peter Revsbech, Department of Microbiology,
Institute of Biology, University of Aarhus,
Ny Munkegade Building 540, DK-8000 Aarhus C.
Phone: +45 89423244. Fax: +45 86127191.
E-mail: revsbech@biology.au.dk